Wednesday, 4 April 2012

girls in lycra

For the PDG, there are 2 classes that you can compete in: Course A or Course Z.  

Course A goes from Arolla to Verbier - Length 26km / distance actually covered 53km / altitude difference +1881m -2341m.

Yesterday, with a one day weather window, we decided to pull ourselves into the GB lycra to see what the course was all about.

Bearing in mind, that this is the first time we have actually trained together as a team, we had very few hiccups.

Ok, so Catrin was only sick once with the altitude; we only went to one wrong col; we discovered that we actually can't go for a pee without taking the bloody suit off and we had to actually navigate due to low cloud.

It seemed as if we spent all day skinning uphill since there was absolutely nothing nice about the ski descent.  Taking all the above into account, we managed to complete Course A well within the cut off times.

It's just a shame that we aren't actually competing in Course A!  

Oh, these will be the only photo's from us during this stage of Course Z, since there is absolutely no way that I am carrying a camera with me!

For those techie people out there, there is now a PDG App for your device where you can follow each teams progress during the race.  We are team number 2034, BRITISH WOMENS - ring your cow bell for the girls :)