Friday, 20 September 2013


Today, I spent more time driving than actually on the hill.

Therefore, apart from listening to the radio, I tend to notice things.

Observation #1:  Queenie (or somebody else who wears a silly hat) must be in the area since the valley was swarming with Police.

Observation #2:  It is without doubt, grouse shooting season.  Must have passed about 6 separate parties today, all looking very pucka in their tweeds and dogs that are obviously not pets.

So, if your not careful, there is a danger of being taken out, on and off the hill today.

Observation #3:  The Cairngorms are massive.  When most people refer to climbing 'over the back', I would assume that they are speaking about the Loch Avon basin.  So, if you are a Southern Cairngorm based climber, what do they call it?

Observation #4:  It is obviously D of E season judging by the amount of little people - with ridiculously big rucksacks on - plugged into their iPods, walking in the middle of the roads that are completely obviously to traffic.  Ah, fond memories :)

Observation #5: Never noticed any of the white stuff for as far as the eye could see.