Thursday, 19 September 2013

The wrong thermal (again)

I don't really spend too much time pondering weather forecasts over the summer months.  A quick look at the Beeb is often enough.

The reason for this approach?  In my experience, even the worse summer forecast is nothing when compared to winter and I know I will be able to get something done.

On Saturday I wore my winter thermal top for the first time.  I had on the wrong thermal top and ended up sweating too much for comfort.  Therefore, yesterday, I wore my summer thermal top again.  I had on the wrong thermal top again and ended up getting rather cold.

The only photo's I got were cowering behind the summit wall and a quick one as we descended.

So, this morning I find myself looking at the weather forecasts in more detail now and have to start selecting which days to go out on the hill.

Therefore, if you want to speak to a Di, look at the forecast.  If its minging I'll be dotting around and if its nice, I'll be out on yonder hills.  Today it is minging.