Monday, 25 November 2013


We left the Loch Muick car park with heavy hearts yesterday since we couldn't see a snowflake, let alone a snow patch.  However, sometimes you just have to follow your gut instinct.

Much to our amazement we were rewarded with this as we popped over the col:


It really doesn't matter what we climbed, since the day was all about the company and the situations - something that Lochnagar is famous for.

And why is Lochnagar, called 'Lochnagar' when it should be called Cac Carn Beag?

It was another classic early season day, with Heather leaving her sandwiches in the fridge;  Derek not getting enough time to eat any of this sandwiches and Di very nearly leaving 2 ice screws behind when I repacked my sack.

I think I will no longer be able to use the 'early season/first winter route' excuse for being a dork on the hill :)