Saturday, 9 November 2013

Sharp things activated

My day went something like this:

Belay jacket on; big gloves on.  Cold feet - no really cold feet.

Belay jacket off; climbing gloves on.  Failed miserably to climb in a 3D manner.

Hot - no really hot.

Cold -  no really cold.

Belay jacket on; big gloves on.  Looked very unglamorous trying to straddle rock.

Rip in belay jacket *bugger* - oo, might take belay jacket off for this bit.

God, where are the foot holds?  God, where are the pick placements?


Ah, might just use that in situ rock as a pick placement.

Oo, I'm liking the tight tope.

Oh God, I've got to lead something!

[Rich & Robin probably discuss everything there is to discuss, eat everything in their rucksacks and get hypothermic]

Take hours trying to clip a rope into a krab.  Get rope twisted.  Wrap leashes around rope.  Put rip in new pants.

Is it tomorrow yet?

A huge thank to Richard and Robin who made my first climb of the season another great one to remember :)