Saturday, 2 November 2013

OK, I'm ready ...

I didn't plan today, its just that the weather was minging and I really needed an excuse for staying inside.

Therefore, I made the decision to fully winterise my kit.

Rock shoes have been replaced by climbing boots and scrambling boots have been replaced by ski boots.   The rack has been winterised, which for me, means replacing all my nice nuts with mangled nuts; putting in a few more sacrificial krabs; replacing incy-wincy quick draws with ones I can use with big gloves; putting in tat; finding where I actually put my goggles (they are always stored somewhere 'safe' but I always forget where that actually is); adjusting crampons to boots; removing small friends and replacing with huge hex's.

The skis have been pulled down from storage and although I still need to mount some bindings and scrap off the excess wax, I'm ready to go in that department too.

Next on the list is to sort out the collection of mashed up maps and topos and replace the batteries in GPS and head torch. Should be good to go as soon as conditions allow.