Saturday, 17 May 2014

North and North again

Even by my standards, I am a c**p runner.  Infact, it is probably an insult to any runner out there, as I am definitely a wobbly jogger.

However, I enjoy it and by slowly ticking off the Allisons, I am getting to see some very cool places. I would rather be a c**p runner and try to improve than somebody who doesn't.

So, we ended up going to the edge of the World and falling off and ended up on Orkney once again.  Lets be honest the climbing isn't worth the trip alone (obviously excluding Hoy in this little statement) but if you're in the area, it would be rude not to explore.

They have a unique approach to life in my eyes - after all whoever can think of making cows out of rope is a genius in my eyes.

Note:  for those of you that are aware of the 12 month self inflicted ban on alcohol, the beer wasn't mine :)