Sunday, 18 May 2014


I wasn't supposed to be Billy-no-mates today, but it ended up that way ...  I really did have images of an awesome rock day but hey ho ...

I can't decide whether to enter the LAMM or not.

I asked team buddy #1 - this was the response: "If I don't feed baby x for 2 days, my boobs will explode!"  

I then asked team buddy #2 (she really is my number 1 but injury is always a concern) - I tempted her by saying things like "You know, it is the 20th Anniversary so it must be really cool this year".  In mind she was definitely there, but having been for a few training runs, I got this response: "Calves aren't really behaving - prob end up broken".

So, as I lolluped over this hills today - including seeing the most pathetic summit cairn that I have ever seen, to LAMM or not to LAMM - now that is the question.