Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Off the starting blocks ...

Finally, my summer rock season has got underway.  As much as I love walking and mountaineering, it is the climbing that I really look forward to.

I'm not really into the whole bouldering scene - for lots of reasons but can complete relate to those who are - for me, it is traditional mountain routes that float my boat.

Had to giggle today, when we decided to head into the famous Binnein Shuas but for the first time decided to continue where the path stops.  We ended up having a very social day with the infamous duo of Andy Nisbet & Jonathon Preston - and since AN is in the process of redoing the SMC Highland Outcrops guidebook, they were adamant on trying to climb every bit of choss, rubble and every-now-and-then great rock in the true spirit of mountain climbing. 

So, there is a route called Soft Shoe Shuffle (or a variation of it) which probably hasn't had a repeat for donkeys years but today it got a couple of ascents and despite the lack of gear, the off putting carpet of blackness, there is some very nice climbing to be had.