Sunday, 18 January 2015

Skiing in the sun

This was the second day of our Mountaineering 4 Skiers course.

It is always hard finding a venue - especially with the weather that we had -  to look at the many skills required to be a good ski mountaineer,  However, I think we succeeded.

Susan & Janet are particularly interested in getting stuck into the steeper lines that Scotland has to offer.  However, the first challenge is accessing the line so today we spent a lot of time sharpening up their navigation and route finding skills.

The great thing about getting to the top of a mountain is that you get to descend the whole thing.  So, for a second day there was numerous *whoops* as we enjoyed Scotland at its best.

Back to school with some more technical steep ground training before numerous *whoops* finally took us back to the cars.

Di & the Avalanche Geeks have one more Mountaineering 4 Skiers course in March - come and learn cool stuff.