Monday, 30 January 2017

Into the deep

I am one very lucky girl because I get to meet some awesome people.

Ronny is off to attempt Lhotse this spring and Di is off to attempt Cho Oyu this spring, so 8000m peak training is the name of the game.

What does this actually means?  Mileage. Mileage. Mileage.

After Ronny sussing Di out and Di sussing Ronny out, we went off for a mini break.

In short: 3 days - 2 x routes (one with a ridiculously heavy pack on), 2 x munro's & 1 x bothy night. 

I am now topping up with Vitamin I and rehydrating with the vino tinto.  It is very important to stay rehydrated.

We are lucky enough to have one of the worlds best playground on our back door and the big skill in being in the right place at the right time.

These few days were one of the few when everything clicked together, especially when the fierce South Easterly winds picked up and blew us off the hill.