Sunday, 8 January 2017

Men in Black

Without doubt the best thing about my job is meeting people that you would otherwise never meet.  This weekend was no exception.

Wearing my Mountaineering Scotland wooly (err....) hat I had the pleasure of taking the mick out of 5 guys who wore black - enough said.

Black.  All they wore was black.  Black as coal.  Black as the ground we walked on.   Black.  Absolutely no use whatever for photographs!

Without doubt, the quote of the weekend:

[group walking out trying to link as many puddles of snow as possible.  2 ptarmigan woddle by.]

Di:   Look, some ptarmigan ....

Greig:  Oh, are they not white doves?

Di: [to herself, obviously unbelievably professional, WTF!]

Greig:  Oh, I was told that they were white doves ....

Di:  [snigger - failing miserably at being professional]

So, the Ptarmigan Restaurant will now always be known as the White Dove Restaurant and I will always snigger to myself next time I see those beauties.

Oh yes, and that is without doubt a can of Budweiser!

A massive thanks to the guys who made my last 2 days rather fun.   We might have learnt some cool stuff but it's all about the White Doves for me :)