Thursday, 19 January 2017

The turkey blubber

I love working with motivated individuals who are super keen to learn.  I've been lucky enough to be working on some the Jonathan Conville Memorial Trust courses and the Mountaineering Scotland winter skills courses these past couple of weeks.

I feel that I am now pretty competent at seeking out dribbles of snow, being imaginative about routes and done enough ice axe arrests for the season.  I feel that I have burnt off the turkey blubber and would like to get onto steeper terrain now.  Which is a good thing really because from now I will be mainly on steeper terrain.

For those in the know, I had to cancel the Glenshee Skimo race this weekend which is really an excuse to cover myself in marker spray and ring a bell all day.

So instead of cheering on the nutters who call themselves Skimo racers I have a free weekend.  A bonus weekend.  A completely unplanned anything weekend.  The big question is what do 'normal' people do during the winter over the weekend?  Suggestions on a postcard ....