Friday, 22 August 2014

Aonach Eagach

Every now and then you just have a really cool day on the hill.

Today was one of those days.

A lot has to do with the company and as soon as I met them at the car park, I knew it would be a great day in the office.

This is Jean:

If I am half as fit as Jean at her age I will be delighted.

This is Peter:

Despite getting lost prior to the climb, he didn't get lost again.

And this is Jo:

Having heard about Di Gilbert, made the special trip from Canada just to do the ridge :)  What is perhaps more impressive about Jo is her ability to churn out Boshi hats.  Kindly modelled by Peter and Jo below.  Jo can make one an hour so in theory, she should have churned out 7 today but was probably too busy in not falling off the ridge to worry about dropping a stitch (do crochet folk drop stitches?).

Not a bad day in the office really.  Thanks for a fab day guys :)