Monday, 25 August 2014

Mountaineering 4 Skiers

Yes I know, a bit early, but we had the first frost last night.

So, having kept quiet about this for some time now, its time to spread the joy - no, I am not pregnant!

This winter season, Di Gilbert Mountaineering is joining forces with Mike Austin from Avalanche Geeks to offer a very special ski mountaineering course - especially designed for skiers.

These courses are specifically aimed at recreational ski mountaineers who wish to take their sport to the next level but lack the technical knowledge to match their ski ability.  We spend both days in the mountain environment sniffing out the best snow and the best descents with a focus on exploring steep terrain.

Why have we chosen to work with Mike?  Well, lets be honest, anybody who says "If you'd like to ski with Mike in North America then ideally you rock 120 underfoot and have your hair tied in bunches, but if not you can still get in touch and discuss your tolerance for tall stories, deep powder and tequila" is a winner with me.

For more information on these courses, check out the website.