Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Hills, bikes & horses

I have a mountain bike.

It hasn't got a name but if it were, it would probably be something like Bill - as in Sam's trusty steed in Lord of the Rings.  You know the sort; reliable, steady, plump, ploddy ...

Well, Bill is in bits so Derek kindly lent me his bike.

Unlike Bill, Derek's bike would go by the name of Shadowfax.  A magnificent beast that shouldn't be tamed.

Only problem with riding Shadowfax, is that I never ever felt in control.  To say that I bounced, wobbled and jiggled all the way into the hills would be an understatement.  Never have I been so grateful for walking in thigh deep heather tussocks, relentlessly for hours (well, not quite but you get the drift).

Never a dull day ...